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Massage Chair Fujiiryoki

JP-3000 5D AI Plus

Massage Chair Fujiiryoki

JP-2000 5D AI

Massage Chair Fujiiryoki

JP-1100 4D/4S

Massage Chair Fujiiryoki

JP-1000 4D/4SI

Full Body Massage Chairs

Discover brand new Japanese massage chairs imported directly from Osaka, Japan. Each massage chair can be customized to your needs for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Equipped with unique patented functions such as Mindfulness, lymphatic massages that improve circulation, sciatic massages that help eliminate accumulated tension in the sciatic area, heating massages, posture corrective massages and many other exclusive programs available only in the original Fujiiryoki massage chairs.

Relax and let yourself be pampered by the highest quality Japanese technology!

heated massage chair