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JP-3000 5D.AI. PLUS


Full Body Massage Chair

The most complex massage chair in modern history.

Features more than 100 massage programs.

Best Selling Massage Chair

Artificial Intelligence 5D-AI Massage.

Patented, artificial Intelligence body surveying from point to point. System developed in Japan, based on 70 years of studies and research.

massage chair 5d

World most advanced high-precision mechanism combines precise deep-core movements with a smooth massage similar, to that performed by a real hand. Furthermore, the intensity is adjusted in real time according to each user’s muscle condition, to relieve body stiffness with a stable and timely massage.

  • Deep-core smooth precision
  • Unique! Bespoke adjustments
  • Tailored lymphatic massage
  • Arch stretch massage
Fujiiryoki massage chair

Conditioning massage chair

shiatsu massage chair

Rhomboid massage

Replicate the movement of a skilled masseuse with high precision.

shiatsu massage chair

Deep shiatsu

The whole manner lets in the muscle groups to relax, which could help lessen muscle stiffness and improve body mobility.

fujiiryoki shiatsu massage chair

Knead firmly

This is a perfect solution that can eliminate deep pain from muscle tissue.

Advanced 5D technology

Lymphatic full body massage chair

Experience the next level of profound relaxation with the new Message Chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000 5D AI PLUS.

Cutting-edge air body embracement. Benefiting stress reduction and anxiety, enhancing how the body heals itself, improving the lymphatic system for removing toxins from the body, increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

Is shiatsu massage good for your feet?

foot rollers massage chairs

In addition to relieving stiffness and tension in feet soles, the leading Shiatsu foot massagers, JP-3000, can help to reestablish strength to your feet while improving blood flow and circulation.

foot shiatsu massage chair

Custom-fit foot massage featuring foot stretching. Possibly to deactivate foot rollers, according to preferences.

fujiiryoki massage chair price

The double sliding mechanism (electric and spring) allows it to adapt to different heights and shapes of users’ feet.

fujiiryoki massage chair remote

Your daily massage routine at the touch of a button.

Indulge in a wellness massage and discover new features according to your daily preferences.  Discover the large number of features offered by the new Synca JP-3000. This new massage chair is design to relax your body and mind at another level.

Feel the profound rejuvenation in the new 5D.PLUS Japanese message chair in comfort of your home.

30 minute programs

VIP course

It focuses on areas of the body prone to stiffness. It offers a superior moment of relaxation, similar to that of a salon.

Elite therapy

Enjoy a luxurious and comfortable massage as if you were being massaged by multiple masseurs at the same time.

Evening therapy

An effective stretching and massage program. Ideal before going to sleep.


Body reconditioning

A stretching program focused on slow, deep relaxation of muscles throughout the body.



A slow and comfortable air massage to eliminate tiredness and tension throughout the body.

16 minute programs

Complete body programs
  • Extreme rejuvenation
  • Rejuvenation
  • Freshen up
  • Relax
  • Soft
Neck/shoulder programs
  • Extreme rejuvenation
  • Rejuvenation
  • Freshen up
  • Relax
Waist programs
  • Extreme rejuvenation
  • Rejuvenation
  • Freshen up
  • Relax
Stretching programs
  • Extreme stretch for the whole body
  • Whole body elongated
  • Air

7 minute mini courses

Quick program

Effective improvement program for the whole body in a short time.

Manual course Neck and Shoulder

Neck upward lifting

Collar downward pressing

Neck relax

Neck shiatsu

Ex. knead

Ex. tapping

Neck palmar knead

Top shoulder line shiatsu

Upper shoulder press

Shoulder tapping

Manual course Basic 3

Loop knead up

Loop knead down

Palmar knead up

Palmar knead down

Stretch massage

Stretch massage knead up

Stretch tapping

Stretch wavelet

Stretch shiatsu massage

You can choose from about 100+ massage programs.

Try the new VIP/ Elite message and reveal yourself in this unique full-body massage chair, with a wide variety of pressures, movements, and techniques.

Circular kneading

Circular and spiral movements to loosen tense muscles.

Welvet kneading

Delicate Shiatsu kneading movement that relaxes a larger area of ​​the muscles.

Precision circular massage

best shiatsu massage chair

Gentle circular movements to relax tense muscles.

Deep Massage

best shiatsu massage chair

This massage technique loosens the muscles deeply, offering a massage that acts up to 12.5 cm deep. Since our AI-based system can identify problem areas, it helps pinpoint and alleviate symptoms and is therefore highly recommended for relieving chronic muscle stiffness.

Tapping massage

Deep muscle massage with kneading and rapid touching.

Swing stretching massage

With the new advanced technology found only in the JP-3000, you’ll find yourself experiencing unprecedented massage and body reconditioning

the best shiastu massage chair zero gravity massage chair

Leg stretching

best full body massage chair uk Massage Recliner Chairs

Raising and lowering the legs

Double Heating Massage Chair System

The double-heated technique helps relieve muscle tension.

Multiple and rapid heating.
Built-in heating for back massage
Easily warm up the back area, while if you open the two zips and put them in front, you can warm up the abdominal muscles.

Foot warming gently warms feet that tend to get cold.

Heating mode can be used independently.

Precision circular massage

Abdomen heater.

Warming up life

Adjustable belly and back-heated cushions.

Heating of the soles

Massage chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000

Best heated massage (according to body temperature).

Speakers with Bluetooth support

Specially designed left and right bass-reflex speakers are positioned close to your ears to ensure an optimal sound environment.

  • Clear vocal sounds
  • Built-in multiband equalizer
  • Stereo sound
  • Built-in DSP digital speakers
  • Rich range of sound output
  • Full coverage speakers