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Experience the Tradition of Japanese Massage Chairs with us since 1954

Massage that helps you fight daily stress

After over 65 years of experience, the Japanese manufacturer Fujiiryoki, with great respect for its customers, has created the Fujiiryoki JP-2000 5D+I.A. massage chair.


Many people are affected by daily stress and certain pathologies. By studying these everyday problems, Japanese specialists at Fujiiryoki have been committed since 1954 to developing treatment methods to help maintain and improve our health.

Air cushion massage for all areas

Thanks to the movement of the air cushions, it is possible to enjoy a wonderful massage experience that goes beyond manual massages. One of the main features of the massage chair is the possibility of choosing the intensity of the massage with the air cushions for each desired area of ​​the body. While the body is held in place by the air cushions, the massage chair lengthens the legs and pulls them downwards, giving all areas a complete workout. The comfortable and gentle stretching technique is great for relaxing stiff, tense muscles

Real benefits with massage chair Fujiiryoki JP-2000

Fujiiryoki JP-2000 Artificial Intelligence massage chair with 5D massage mechanism automatically detects the shape of your spine and the position of your shoulders, allowing an optimal massage adapted to your morphology. It offers well-being, health and relaxation with the widest range of programs and massage types.

massage chair with double scanning

Shoulder detection system

double scanning full body massage chairs

“S” line detection system

Full Body Massage Chair - Double Detection

Thanks to sensors designed by Fujiiryoki massage chair specialists, which scan the position of the spine (S line), scan the position of the shoulders and transmit the information to the 5D+A.I. massage mechanism, allowing for an optimal massage adapted to the user’s morphology .

The only 5D massage chair with Artificial Intelligence in the world

Using a system based on Artificial Intelligence, the Japanese manufacturer Fujiiryoki has developed and patented morphological muscle detection. The New Fujiiryoki JP-2000 5D + A.I. massage chair It can recognize muscle conditions, measure stiffness and adjust massage movements accordingly, ensuring a personalized massage based on real benefits.

5d full body massage chair

Completely adaptable to the morphology of each user (size, shape of the spine, position of the shoulders and condition of the muscles), all its functions (positioning of the massage rollers, intensity and speed of the massage) can be adapted to your needs.

Deep massage – relaxes muscles deeply, providing a massage that works up to 12.5 cm deep. Since our AI-based system can identify problem areas, it helps pinpoint and relieve symptoms and is therefore highly recommended for relieving chronic muscle stiffness.

massage chair with artificial intelligence

Types of massage with the kneading technique

shiatsu massage chair

Delicate and attenuated massage

Relaxing, pleasantly after a tiring day

shiatsu massage chair

Complete acupressure

Focuses on Shiatsu (acupressure) points

fujiiryoki shiatsu massage chair

Intense massage

Individual and personalized massage with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Massage with air cushions

The Fujiiryoki JP 2000 full body massage chair is equipped with 31 air cushions that envelop the entire body. This function allows you to adjust the intensity of the massage by zone and to switch from kneading to pressure massage according to your needs. Air cushion massage promotes blood circulation and helps relieve lymphatic retention, as well as being very relaxing

full body massage chair with air cushions Massage Chair with Airbags
fujiiryoki massage chair remote

Easy to use remote control with LCD screen

The remote control of the Fujiiryoki JP 2000 massage chair is clearly visible with a 10 cm LCD screen. At the touch of a button you can enjoy quick but effective predefined 30 minute, 16 minute or 7 minute programs. You have a total of 86 massage types available.

Remote control with color touch screen

The aforementioned dual measurement system automatically adapts to the shape of the body and the condition of the muscles and finds the points where the muscles are stiff and tense with maximum precision. Taking these points into account, tailor a personalized massage program for each of you.

The manufacturer Fujiiryoki has developed a series of kneading movements to massage the neck, shoulders, back, waist and buttocks. The Fujiiryoki JP-2000 massage chair combines massage types to ensure maximum effectiveness. The two rollers allow you to experience quick relief around tight muscles.

30 minute programs

VIP course

It focuses on areas of the body prone to stiffness. It offers a superior moment of relaxation, similar to that of a salon.

Elite therapy

Enjoy a luxurious and comfortable massage as if you were being massaged by multiple masseurs at the same time.

Night care

An effective stretching and massage program. Ideal before going to sleep.

Relaxation with air cushions

A slow and comfortable air massage to eliminate tiredness and tension throughout the body.


A stretching program focused on slow, deep relaxation of muscles throughout the body.

16 minute programs

Complete body programs
  • Extreme rejuvenation
  • Rejuvenation
  • Freshen up
  • Relax
  • Soft
Neck/shoulder programs
  • Extreme rejuvenation
  • Rejuvenation
  • Freshen up
  • Relax
Waist programs
  • Extreme rejuvenation
  • Rejuvenation
  • Freshen up
  • Relax
Stretching programs
  • Extreme stretch for the whole body
  • Whole body elongated
  • Air

You can customize all courses to create original courses.

7 minute mini courses

6 types of kneading techniques

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  • Intensive neck massage – Massage from neck to shoulders with pushing and stretching movements.
  • Intensive shoulder massage – Hard massage around the shoulders with kneading and touching movements.
  • Intensive shoulder blade massage – Stretching and relaxing massage from the shoulder blade to the muscles of the center of the body.
  • Intensive Waist Massage – Massage with kneading and brushing movements that focuses on the erector spinae muscle of the back to the lower part of the waist.
  • Intensive sciatica massage – Air cushions on the seat push your hips up for a kneading, pulsating massage.
  • Intensive leg massage – Massage with rollers while the calves and soles of the feet are massaged by the air cushions.
3 types with stretching technique
  • Neck Stretching – The neck is held in place with the massage rollers while it is stretched, while the entire body is stretched thanks to the footrest.
  • Back Stretch – The entire body is stretched with the footrest and then arched backwards as the spine is pushed upwards.
  • Waist Stretch – The legs are extended forward and pulled down, while the waist is pushed up and lengthened.
3 types of fundamental techniques
  • Upper body – You push and knead your shoulders.
    You grasp the shoulders and both arms from the outside, while thoroughly loosening the intensity around the shoulder blades, paying close attention to the parts essential for maintaining the posture.
  • Lower body – Intensive treatment from waist to buttocks.
    To focus on the line from the waist to the buttocks, the pelvis is blocked with airbags near the waist, while the muscles from the waist to the buttocks are completely loosened.
  • Lower Body Stretch – Rotation and relaxation from left to right.
    The muscles that support the pelvis are loosened by rotating the surrounding area with air cushions and stretching the buttock muscles.

Flat Position and Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The massage chair holds you in a horizontal sleep-like position, as this is the most comfortable and relaxing position for your body. Staying in this position helps your body relax and rest.

Stretching (lengthening) before and after each session

The Fujiiryoki JP-2000 massage chair has various Stretching programs, which help to relax the muscles by promoting massage.
Furthermore, the practice of muscle stretching is extremely useful and often decisive in case of pain of myofascial origin: muscle tension headaches, stiff neck, shoulder pain, arm pain and pain in the entire back, even in the case of altered vertebral configuration .

Double Stretch - Stretch and relax in 2 stages

Double Heating Massage Chair System

To achieve maximum relaxing massage effect, the Fujiiryoki JP-2000 massage chair is equipped with a dual heating system. Fujiiryoki specialists discovered that abdominal muscles tend to get cold, so they designed the two heated air cushions for greater comfort.

Intensive foot care with acupressure

foot rollers massage chairs

The Fujiiryoki JP-2000 massage chair is like a professional masseur who holds your feet in place and performs acupressure with his hands on the soles of your feet. Your ankles and hips are held in place by air cushions, while special rollers intensely massage the entire foot.

fujiiryoki foot massage

Shiatsu massage targeting the plantar fascia muscles and massage rollers specially designed to adapt to the shape of the sole of the foot provide a completely effective massage.

Double heating system

Two heating systems are incorporated to create a comfortable massage.

The heating function can be used independently

Set temperature: approximately 43 degrees (the set temperature is different from the perceived temperature).

Warming of the abdomen
Warming up life

Pillows with built-in heating function can be placed behind the back to warm the waist or opened and placed in front to warm the abdomen.

Fujiiryoki JP-2000 Massage Chair

Gently warms your feet, which tend to get cold easily.